About Litokam

Start with Love.

Litokam ['lɪtə'kæm], founded in 2021, grew in popularity and became more than just a brand - it became a family. A family of homeowners, pet lovers, and caregivers who all shared a love of safety, security, and a good laugh. We truly wish that people knew that with Litokam on their side, they could rest easily at night, knowing their homes and loved ones were always protected.

Our Mission

Safe Homes, Caring Hearts.

We work hard to make homes that are safe and caring so everyone can face life with confidence. Our job is to keep what’s important safe, making people feel secure and free to imagine what’s possible.

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Products for Sale

2,175,430 cameras sold all around the world in 2021~2023.


Happy Customer

19,155 customers left positive reviews (in all sale channels) and trust Litokam.

20 M

Social Media Views

93,850,000 views of Litokam-related social media content shared by influencers or creators.

Our Values

Dedicated Support.

More than just products, we're here to be your guide in the world of home security. Litokam provides a team of seasoned experts always on hand to assist, advise, and share knowledge, ensuring you're always confident in your security choices.

☎ +1 855-485-7779

Continue to Grow.

While remaining true to its core mission, Litokam is also actively engaged in projects aimed at optimizing customer satisfaction across both its products and services. 

Product Innovation

Move to Outside.

Started with the indoor camera series, Litokam is now expanding its product layouts from indoor to outdoor. By understanding customers' overall needs for smart home security, Litokam is building something that users can count on.

Service Improvement

Service from Anywhere.

In the years to come, Litokam Help Center will upgrade its service to another level by increasing its service channel and quality. On-App Online Chat, On-web Online Chat, email, and phone call, you name it.

Community Listening

Community We Build.

Built by Customers — To keep its promise, Litokam has been working hard on community activities and listening to what people care the most about the product. Then they build Litokam together.