What is Litokam Protect Plan.

Litokam Protect and Secure plans keep your devices more smarter. With interactive notifications and Professional Monitoring, you’ll get 24/7 live guarding. Also you can review, share, and save every video and photo captured by your Litokam device.

Real Security

No need to worry about the memory card being pulled out or damaged, no need to worry about the camera being online or offline, you can view the playback anytime, anywhere.

Save & Share Your Fun

Miss important moments? Don't worry. Litokam cloud storage enables you to save all the past funny moments that you can share with your friends and family.

What Plan People Are Using.

Basic Plans

Standard Storage.

Secure footage with standard package, offering 14/30 days of event recording, for 1 to 4 camera setups. Monthly or annual billing for uninterrupted security.

Continuous Plans

24/7 Recording.

For non-stop recording, our continuous plan ensures every second is captured, for users who prefer constant surveillance over event-based recording.

AI Plans

Smart Alert Monitor.

Embrace advanced AI technology that identifies and categorizes people, pets, vehicles, packages, and flames. With options for one or multiple cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are accepted for Litokam Protect?

How long will my videos being stored on my Litokam account?

Will clearing the Litokam Smart App cache lead to delete the downloaded Cloud-saved videos?

Can I watch the Cloud storage video when the camera is offline or the camera is powered off?